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Download Dragonfly Movie Here
Download Movie DragonflyDragonfly
When someone you love dies... are they gone forever?
Genres: Sci-Fi, Thriller, Mystery, Drama
Year: 2002
IMDB Rating: 5.80
IMDB Votes: 6426
Versions: divx, hidivx, hpc
Actors: Bates, Kathy as Mrs. Belmont, Biggs, Casey as Neil Darrow, Smith, Jacob as Ben, Thomas, Jay as Hal, Craven, Matt as Eric, Fisher, Marybeth as Eulogist, Thompson, Susanna as Emily Darrow, Costner, Kevin as Joe Darrow, Bailey Jr., Robert as Jeffrey Reardon, Banes, Lisa as Flora, Morton, Samantha as Hugh Campbell, Hope, Leslie as Charisse Darrow, Hansen, Peter as Phillip Darrow, Rifkin, Adam as Charlie Dickinson, Staunton, Kim as Intake Nurse
The film is dedicated to Katharine Curtiss (wife of Assistant Producer / First Assistant Director Alan Curtiss), who died during production. I was wondering that Katharine Ann Curtiss was when I saw this movie, and saw at the end that was dedicated to her. It took a bit of research, but finally I did know who he was. I enjoyed this movie a lot, but I think it did drag a bit in some places. He could have developed the most paranormal. But I always enjoy Kevin Costner. I wish that his wife might have been still alive at the end, perhaps a coma or something. But then I like movies with happy endings, and you sure do not see the end coming in the east. I love movies about love without end (or eternal love) whatever! It is my hope, they call me a hopeless romantic!
First of all. I've seen or own any and all movies starring Kevin Costner, regardless of their co-stars. I think we get the point! Furthermore., Is a very talented director. I hope it develops a film project very soon and is in the director's chair. "Dragonfly" is not only a favorite of mine, but my 2 daughters, ages 17 and 22 and seen again on this sunny Sunday in California. Imagine, parents and their children enjoy the same movie together. It's almost hard to believe. In addition, a growing view that "Dragonfly" is always followed by a discussion and debate or in connection with the dragonfly symbol for children diagnosed with terminal cancer and donor questions Although this film explores the life and death issues in several levels, the main focus is on the receipt of a message-a very important message in this case, a loved one who has spent away.This movie not just tear your heart strings butit will keep you in suspense until the very end. Although the film is dedicated to Katherine Ann Curtis, there is no information on whether she is dead. Just wondering.
I recently brought Dragonfly (mainly because I have a crush on Kevin Costner) I found a good movie in the way slightly different from his other films there, and that is not going over the top with the disturbing his wife. I thought that the film makes a nice thought in his head that this may be not only her, there may be more to life what we think, and that a love as strong as "Emily" and "Joe" may go even after death . Costner was good and he did u feel the loss he feels for Emily. In a good film.
The flow and the dialog is sometimes difficult but I thought the story was very interesting. Recently I was playing a late night movie on the SciFi Channel and I'm glad I saw. I remember wanting to see that when he left, but got so bad reviews that quickly forgot him. However, I think this movie is decent and I thought that the end was really unexpected and gratifying. I thought the character Kathy Bates was particularly difficult because it really does not explain why this woman would do much to the character Kevin Costner. The Bates character was definitely necessary for the character Costner would have someone to talk, but their motivation needed to be explained. However, I did enjoy the film (even jumped out of my skin a couple of times) and I would not mind seeing again Dragonfly.
Dragonfly is a good thriller and the movie was very well written. Kevin Costner and Kathy Bates were good. The film is not a little boring at times, but at the end of the story takes over and running a lot. The film is about Joe (Kevin Costner), a doctor whose wife dies in a bus accident in a foreign country while working for the Red Cross.When she dies, Joe is devastated, and works overtime at the hospital, and is uncomfortable being in your own home with his wife threatened birds. But then, Joe finds that children who die in the hospital had seen his wife when they are near death, like a young man named Jeffrey, who is in the hospital for cancer. Now, Joe must find what he wants to find his wife. This film is interesting and good. Dragonfly I give a 9 out of 10. :)

Download Dragonfly Movie HereJoe Darrow (Kevin Costner) lost his wife, Emily (Susanna Thompson), in a bus accident in South America. It's hard for him to accept her death, but when it seems that he could move on with his life, at least, something weird happen. Mysterious symbols starts appear around him all the time, and Joe sure that Emily is beyond all this, trying to contact him and to tell him something. He goes after the clues that the symbols left, which lead him to different places. His friends think he become nuts, but he is steady with his decision to find out what's behind the symbols. When the last symbol brings him to South America, he is about to be very very surprised
Download Dragonfly Movie Here

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